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People Say Nice Things


This workshop is highly recommended for anyone just beginning on their yoga journey or someone that has been teaching for some time and is seeking ways to expand their yoga business.  I found the entire workshop to be extremely practical and was most excited by the personal attention Brette gave to each attendee, allowing each of us to identify an area of specialty we can focus on as yoga teachers.  Beyond that, Brette's ability to help each of us shape a personal mission statement and her deep knowledge of the industry and personal experience provided valuable information that all yoga teachers should receive.  I would love a follow up workshop to this one and more time with Brette.

-Michelle N.


Here is a nice interview of me with Natalie Gontcharova on her blog Dancing Asana.


"This afternoon I attended this workshop and was amazing experience.Brette was nice, loving and felt great energy on her.

Clear on her statements and very helpful in many ways.I finally was not in pain on my lower back after 4 months with the worse pain in my life and taking a class like that with the right professional like Brette make me feel alive again.

I learned a lot today.Congratulations and thanks for the workshop."



"Tuesday. Well, Tuesday was kind of… no, wait, make that really… amazing. Brette Popper of Yoga City NYC(she’s also an instructor at Yoga Union and I attended her class there last week) invited me to the studio to learn three of the poses on my "must conquer" list! I was so touched when she reached out to me, and it was definitely one of the best experiences of my challenge so far. We covered boat pose, crow, and headstand, and learning how all the poses are connected really, really transformed my practice."

-Kate on The Greatist


"I've gone to yoga classes, sometimes daily yoga class, for years now. But after my first few classes at Yoga Union I'm embracing beginner's mind and realizing how little I know about the poses and how much my body and mind benefit as I learn them muscle by muscle and bone by bone. I left the structural 1 class with Brette feeling four inches taller. Two weeks later, that feeling persists."

-Jessica on Yelp


"Thanks so much for your always helpful advice, most recently using the wall more and focusing on strength and stability. Your resonance with and relevant advice to individual students is very special--not just to me, I note, from seeing and hearing other students' responses to your teaching!

--Natalie H.


"Just a quick note to thank you for your positive energy, words of wisdom and encouragement this past month. I've really enjyed all of your workshops, each of which breathed fresh air and lightness into the intense program. You were much needed and appreciated. I've been struggling with finding a meaningful path for years and feel that I'm now headed in the right direction. The Business of Yoga workshop left me feeling quite positive about future possibilities. I often wonder if business ideas cycling through my head are doable and it's really nice to hear from you that there is something there." 

--Laura S.


"This was the first morning I can remember that I woke with no back pain or difficulty.  Wow and thanks."

--Daniel G



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