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About Brette

After 25 years as a top manager in the frenetic world of magazine and internet publishing, I wandered into my first yoga class in 2000 and was immediately transformed by its benefits. Soon I found myself deeply immersed in yoga asana and philosophy.


In 2005 I completed a 200 hour teacher training with Alison West's Yoga Union. Then in 2009 I received a 500 hour certification, as well as certification in teaching backcare from Ms. West. I also study with Genny Kapuler, Nikki Costello and Amy Matthews.


A voracious student, I currently study Sanskrit with Prem Sadasivananda, Tai Chi with Sharon Smith and Tibetan Buddhism with Khenpo Pema Wangdak. For a more complete run-down of my training and interests click here. My professional CV on Linked In can be viewed here.

Yoga is a process of individual self inquiry and my role as a teacher is to provide a safe environment for investigation. My classes emphasize a combination of movement and alignment with a healthy dose of yoga philosophy and anatomy. 

A life-long New Yorker ardent student and avid traveler, I am interested in ideas and concepts from art, nature, current events, philosophy, science and the world around us. 


Teaching Philosophy


Yoga is for everybody in EVERY BODY. In asana practice, a term that suggests postures to prepare one to take a seat for meditation, students should work at a level that is comfortable and causes them no physical pain.


In order to "advance" in yoga a student needs to learn svadhyaya, a Sanskrit word that indicates sustained self practice and evaluation. This self inquiry may have intermittent periods of doubt and discomfort but will ultimately lead to a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships with others.


As a teacher, my job is to introduce you to and work with you on concepts, postures, breathwork and meditation techniques that you can use on your own personal path to peace, sattva, or illumination and balance.


"Whether young or old, very old, sick or feeble, one can attain perfection in all the yogas by practicing." - Hatha Yoga Pradipika, 1.64.

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