On Vacation From June 7-September 8. Please email me at brettepopper@gmail.com for upcoming class schedule and workshops.
NEW! Open Level on Zoom.
Thursday - 5:30-6:30pm
Suggested donation $15
Payment: Venmo: @Brette-Popper or Pay Pal: publisher@yogacitynyc.com
Gentle Yoga at Upper West Side Yoga

Monday - 10:30-11:45am 

Level 1 Flow Into Restore at Upper West Side Yoga 

Friday - 5:30-6:45pm

Level 1 Chair at Upper West Side Yoga

Saturday - 12:30-1:45pm

Breath Awareness at Narrative Healing

Thursday - 8:00-9:00am

"That yogi quickly attains the most beautiful practice who every day has conviction in his learning, conviction in his guru, conviction in his self, and awakening of his mind."

 Gheranda Samhita, VII.2

Yoga is a set of practices, state of being, philosophy and a psychological framework. It can be a profound ethical, emotional and spiritual journey.
Creating time each day to explore yourself through postures, breathwork and reflection may yield personal rewards and benefit your family, friends and community.
Through the ages, yoga teachers have used the metaphor of the body as a pot being strengthened and fortified to make room for and hold the process of transformation.
Yoga theory reveals that the contents of your individual container can be balanced and expanded so that your energetic body is illuminated and vibrates with the unconditional love and peace of the eternal. 


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